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Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heater
We are a organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying of solar heaters and solar water heating systems. These are manufactured using quality basic material sourced from the trustworthy suppliers of the market. Our product range is compliance with international quality standards, and is highly appreciated by our client due to its durable finish standards, low maintenance costs, excellent performance and corrosion resistant finish. Our product range includes.
Features and Advantage of Standard Solar
  • Copper or zink coated inner Tank ensures corrosion protection give low cost and long life.
  • Powder coated outer tank and stand with PUF insulation ensure low conduction and convection losses to atmosphere to give low cost and long life.
  • The high quality solar selective coating (AIN /AI) Facilites excellent heat Adsorbtion and minimum heat emission.
  • The storage tank is made from high quality materials with copper or zink coated inner tank.
  • System capable of generating 60’c to 80’c hot water on clear sunny days.
  • Huge saving on electricity and fuel charges.
  • Easy to handle and transportation.
  • Negligible scaling of tubes which can be cleaned manually, hence maximum efficiency
Available Capecities in ETC Model
Capecoty in Liters
Per day
Utility POints
Numbering of person
Using hot water
100 LPD
2 to 3
150 LPD
4 to 5
200 LPD
5 to 6
250 LPD
8 to 9
300 LPD
10 to 11
500 LPD
18 to 19
Copper or Zink Coated inner tank for long life and low cost(Special Ship coatin).
Flanch Type tank give more strength.
Powder Coated Outer Tank and stand.
S.S. Nipple
Alluminiume side cover
PUF Insulation