Service and Maintenance


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To install the solar water heater is not onough. For long run of system it requires proper services periodically. It is advisable to clean the collector before the winter and after the summer for best result in winter and monsson season. The storage tank should be clean after every two year. In the big capacity the manhole is provided for the inside cleaning of tank. These types of services are known as soft services. If no care is taken after the system installation for 8 to 10 years, It requires hard services, in which descaling of collector is to be done by chemical circulation. The hard services are advisable after long run for regular result.

In "Standard" glass tube solar system, there is no need to remove scale, because the diameter of glass tube is too big as the chances of scale deposition becomes very less. In this model there is no need of service for long time. Such system is widely used where higher temperature is required, basically in diaries, feed water for plastic industries, cloths processing industries etc.

Our "Standard" scale free system is only the system, in which there no any requirement for services, if proper heat transfer fluid is used. This system is widely used where the feed water having higher level of scale contents. Such system is so result oriented as the regular system.