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The capacity is decided on the basis of the uses, for bathing, cleaning, washing or any other uses, either half of the day or 24 hours. For use in hospital/hotel/hostel,_units of_LPD capacity. so the total capacity is _ LPD.

  • 100 LPD to 10,000 LPD - Thermosyphon system (Natural circulation)
  • More than 3000 LPD - Thermostatic system (Forced circulation)

In thermostatic system, it requires the electric motor for forced circulation of hot water which is operated either by electricity or by solar photovoltaic panel. The capacity and the size of the system are decided on the basis of sight where it is to be installed.

It is advisable to insulate the hot water pipeline to minimize the heat lose, and to get the optimum result. The diameter of the outlet pipeline should kept low for minimum cold water loss. The insulation is done by using glass wool, cirawool, asbestoses or similar insulating material.

It is always advisable to install somewhat more capacity solar water heater, because if the hot water is lying in the storage tank after used by all member, it is taken for use in washing cloths, kitchen utensils, cleaning bathroom-toilet, tiles, etc. because you can get hot water free of cost and by using hot water in above purpose, the soap and powder will be consumed less. More capacity is also useful as sometimes the number of users will increase.